Hey friends - it’s Kelsy!

People ask me why I started a conference for moms. Answer: I’m nuts! Just kidding! But honestly - it’s been a personal journey for me.…

After having spent over a year searching for a diagnosis to our teenage daughter's mystery illness (which we now know was Lyme Disease) and almost 100 doctor visits to over 27 specialists across our state, I needed to search for MYSELF again. The once happy, inspired, motivated Kelsy had gotten lost in the painful, stressful process. I created my first conference and called it BLOOM (By Loving On Ourselves More, we BLOOM) because I realized that, as my daughter was slowly recovering, it was my time to bloom again. I find the most joy being with my family and close friends, especially when we're on vacations and away from it all. Over the years, I've attended many wonderful women's conferences across the country that felt like a mini-vacation where I've walked away feeling like a whole new person, ready to take on the world. I came back to reality REFRESHED.

I was celebrated, inspired, motivated and given time to relax for a few days...I was able to take care of ME. Can I get an AMEN?!

At the first event (Portland 2017), over 200 women came from 15 states and Canada to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES and it was all I had hoped for! Three conferences and 3 cities later (with women coming from a combined 30 states), the event is my way of helping all women across the nation come together with their closest friends to share that same wonderful experience. 

This, my friends, is BLOOM.... XO Kelsy