BLOOM mom tribe is an organization that connects a community of moms across the country, allowing them to support and empower each other! BLOOM partners with its leaders in various cities across the nation to bring together women online to share their stories, their parenting journeys, highs and lows and all that motherhood encompasses. We also create local events with our leadership partners, as well as our annual conferences to a different destination each year - our annual BLOOM momference is designed to create an unforgettable weekend that gives moms and their friends the opportunity to travel and explore beautiful cities, meet and connect with other like-minded ladies and to be celebrated, inspired and motivated. Past conference presenters include comedy duo #IMOMSOHARD, Internet sensation Kristina Kuzmic, Author Samantha Ettus and many more. Our speakers - who are trailblazers in their industry and include bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs and more - are handpicked to share their stories, struggles and successes with our guests.

BLOOM (By Loving On Ourselves More, we bloom...) was founded in September of 2016 by Kelsy McHenry as a weekend conference to help other women and moms find an inspiring place to learn, connect and grow while taking much-needed time for themselves. The event was an overwhelming success. Since that first Portland momference, Kelsy has gone on to host 2 more with partners Kristy Dickerson and Jenny Grumbling (STARTplanner Founders). These San Diego and Atlanta events proved that women NEED their tribe, whether they are a stay at home mom, working mama, fur mom or just someone who “mothers” their partner! BLOOM’s mission is to be that ‘mom tribe’ and impact as many women as possible while giving them the tools and time needed to be inspired and motivated, as well as offering the chance for them to recharge their batteries or even “find themselves” again.

You are sure to leave our events inspired, relaxed and with a fresh outlook. A BLOOM momference combines speakers who are inspirational, FUNNY and who share life-changing knowledge that leaves everyone with an experience they can not stop talking about. Can’t wait to see you there!



As the wife of an adventurous husband with 3 kids, 3 dogs & a fish tank - planning and attending our amazing "momferences" that I can enjoy with others is something that brings me so much happiness!  That and my "village" of friends and family who help me get it all done - oh, and wine...and coffee!



As a stay-at-home mom and small business consultant - working on this “momference” for other moms is where my heart is at! I love seeing women get recharged, meet new friends and learn to be their best selves!

People ask me why I started a conference for moms. Answer: I’m nuts! Just kidding! But honestly - t’s been a personal journey for me... after having spent over a year searching for a diagnosis to our teenage daughter's mystery illness (which we now know was Lyme Disease) and almost 100 doctor visits to over 27 specialists across our state, I needed to search for MYSELF again. The once happy, inspired, motivated Kelsy had gotten lost in the painful, stressful process. I created my first conference and called it BLOOM (By Loving On Ourselves More, we BLOOM) because I realized that, as my daughter was slowly recovering, it was my time to bloom again. I find the most joy being with my family and close friends, especially when we're on vacations and away from it all. Over the years, I've attended many wonderful women's conferences across the country that felt like a mini-vacation where I've walked away feeling like a whole new person, ready to take on the world. I came back to reality REFRESHED.

I was celebrated, inspired, motivated and given time to relax for a few days...I was able to take care of ME. Can I get an AMEN?!

At the first event (Portland 2017), over 200 women came from 15 states and Canada to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES and it was all I had hoped for! Three conferences and 3 cities later (with women coming from a combined 43 states), the event is my way of helping all women across the nation come together with their closest friends to share that same wonderful experience. 


Because there will be no political, financial or religious talks - nothing will be asked of you except to just be you - the YOU who you were before you had to clean your house every day, plan meals each week, meet deadlines, drive to activities all over town, sit on rainy soccer fields, volunteer for the PTA, sew costumes, create school projects, wipe snotty noses, disarm children with Nerf guns and even balance work and home.

This is for the YOU who wouldn't change a thing about her life now but who sometimes wishes she could get a little break away with her girlfriends for a fun weekend. 

This, my friends, is BLOOM.... XO Kelsy