Mama Needs A New Routine!

Fall is in the air, kids are back in school and it’s time for


We know how busy family life is and that your calendar is probably chock full every week of errands, grocery lists, doctor appointments and sports schedules. What we also know here at BLOOM mom tribe is that you’ll be at your best when you schedule time for YOU, too!

Here are 5 tips for putting YOU in your SCHEDULE

  • Say no to things that don’t bring you joy (yes, we want you to Marie-Kondo your calendar!)

    • For example: If you don’t enjoy volunteering every week at your kids’ school, DON’T do it. Instead - offer to head up one classroom party or a designated arts & crafts day instead.

  • Schedule a coffee date or walk with a friend once a month

    • Make it a standing “appointment’. For example, every 3rd Tuesday, meet at the elementary at 9 am to walk to the local coffeeshop - you’ll be glad you did, for the fresh air and sometimes for the fresh perspective (that’s what friends are for, right?!)

  • Plan a date night with your significant other for once a month

    • Have the sitter (or if you’re really lucky - grandma!) confirmed for the next few months. Be sure to have a backup sitter just in case so your date can go on as planned. You AND your partner deserve the 1 on 1 time and making it a priority in YOUR schedule will make it easer to commit to and give you a reason to get out of your leggings!

  • Set a goal for something that is important to you!

    • If it’s a marathon, choose one to shoot for and put the date on your calendar. Then backtrack each week and add in on certain days how much you need to run/train to accomplish this task. The same goes for any activity you choose to put your mind to and set a goal for. If it’s that you want to learn to crochet, set a goal 3 months out to have a blanket knitted for someone. Then backtrack each week from NOW, setting aside an hour or two per week (or more, hey - it’s your schedule!) to give yourself enough time to achieve that goal!

  • Plan your beauty routine out ahead of time

    • Whether it’s at the $14 Great Clipst at the strip mall or a fancier salon, preschedule your hair appointments! Same goes for nails, lashes, waxing - you name it. If you need it done to feel good, plan out which weeks you have time for these appointments and get them on your calendar. Do this for the next 3-6 months if possible. Don’t wait until you are feeling so frumpy that you want to trim your own hair (probably not a good idea!) or the day before a big event. Make yourself a priority and put YOU in your calendar.