Time to fill back up that bucket!


Is your cup feeling 1/2 empty right now, rather than 1/2 full?

Here is why we ask….

January is that strange month where women tend to exhale heavily and think, “Whew - I survived another holiday season!” What it also means is that many of us are depleted, both mentally , physically and even creatively. We’ve spent so much time worrying about the things that need to happen to make the holidays run smoothly (and if you’re counting Thanksgiving thru New Year’s, that’s WEEKS of worry on top of what we already worry about!) that we just keep going like the little engine that could, trying to fill up everyone else’s buckets and meeting all of their expectations.

It’s exhausting - the Elf on the Shelf, the deep-cleaning for houseguests, the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, the obligatory cocktail party, cookie exchange, perfect Turkey dressing and oh my, the Christmas cards! Don’t even go there!

So what happens to us in January? Well, for many people - our cups are empty, our hearts a little heavy (especially when family heads back out of town and kids go back to school) and our self-love is not in the right place because we put ourselves on hold. And we gave. And gave. And gave some more. We may have given so much that we gave away more than we got back. No - we’re not speaking of gifts and material things, we’re talking about mental, physical and spiritual health - these are easy to overlook when you’re busy.

How do I fix this, you wonder? Will you ask for someone to help fill your bucket back up with love, kind words, uplifting messages and encouragement to get you back to that place you need to be to be the BEST you? No - most of us won’t do that, but… we’re here to remind you that YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

How do we do this, how do we get back the confidence, the excitement for the new year, the desire to feel better than the rundown shell we’re feeling as everyone else posts their new fitness routine, shake recipe or 2019 resolutions….IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!

It’s time to SHAKE IT OFF now — no one but you will know exactly what you need to fill that bucket back up but you can easily make a plan to make it happen! If you need a little encouragement or inspiration on ways to love yourself and fill your cup back up right now, we have a FREE self-care bucket list download for you HERE! Share with a friend who might be needing this same type of support - we’re #bettertogether!