Easy, thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts to give....

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or another special occasion - finding just the right gift for your loved ones can be overwhelming!

We’re here to give you some EASY but excellent ideas to make sure the gift you give will be one they’ll treasure forever!

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  • PHOTO CHARMS for the women/girls in your life

Why she’ll love it: 
Tell her story with this round, silver-tone zinc charm personalized with a photo of her kids, parents, wedding day, new grand baby, (can also be a wonderful reminder of a loved one who has passed). Creating beautiful, custom photo jewelry has never been so easy!
These darling charms are only $22 each and can be added to a simple bracelet, chain or an already established charm bracelet. This small ( 0.75" diameter) but meaningful gift will definitely have a big impact! Shop here, delivery usually 1-2 weeks.

  • PHOTO BOOK in a day!

Yes, you read that right! You really can get a photo book ordered and picked-up in just 1 day! If you’re in need of a last minute gift that still offers that thoughtfulness behind it - head to the Walgreens App and choose PHOTO. Starting at just $6.99 for a 4x6 that will hold up to 25 spiral bound prints, you can upload your favorite pics for your GIFTEE and have the order ready for pick up in as soon as 2 hours. We’ve used this App more times than we can count for a quick way to share memories and celebrate - it’s sure to be a gift they’’ll love.

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One of the most-loved and easiest gifts I’ve ever given is a photo blanket! This literally took me about 10 minutes per blanket to place the order but the look of surprise and excitement on our mom’s faces Christmas morning was priceless! Head to Collage.com and find the blanket options. I chose the multi-photo option and used my phone to start the order and download the photos (I tend to have more photos on my phone than computer)….a tip to make it really special:: go to the Facebook page of the person you’re giving the blanket to and download some of their favorite photos! Once I had saved the photos and downloaded them to my order, I saved it and then used my laptop to make sure it looked exactly how I wanted. You can even add custom names (i.e. Nana) to make this gift even more special! Delivery took less than 2 weeks and the quality is great. You can’t go wrong with a warm, thoughtful gift like this that someone can literally wrap themselves in! - Kelsy

Tiny Tags as seen on mom and actress,  Tiffani Thiessen

Tiny Tags as seen on mom and actress, Tiffani Thiessen


A mother’s most precious gift is her child. Gift the women in your life with a custom necklace that will adorn her neck or wrist for years to come. We love the timeless quality of Tiny Tags and their mission to “celebrate our most precious gift and the journey of motherhood”. Whether the person you’re gifting this beautiful piece to has one child or 4 or has a baby in her heart and Heaven, you’ll find the perfect Tiny Tag necklace or bracelet to give! Sign up for their email and receive 10% off your 1st order.


There’s nothing more special than spending quality time with a loved one, whether it’s a family member or a beloved friend! Plan a fun afternoon out by choosing some of your GIFTEE’s favorite things to do or places to go. The amount of money spent can be none (free admission) or a bigger gift of time like a weekend together. Here are some examples :

A day out with your BFF might look like a a long walk to a local coffeeshop in the morning (no dogs, no kids) where you can enjoy each other’s company and the fresh air! To gift this, include a gift card to the cofffeeshop in your card that says you’d love to spend time with them! This would obviously work well for a lunch date or happy hour, too. Then, it’s your job as the gift-giver to make sure and follow through - pick the date together and put it in your schedules!

A day out with your partner might mean spending a Saturday afternoon together. Wrap up a pair of movie passes, add some boxed candy from the Dollar Store and make it a matinee date! Choose something that is THEIR favorite genre to watch. Not a movie fan? Pick an activity to do that would be their choice (i.e. skiing at the local resort or spending a couple of hours at Cabela’s or ?? - making them the center of attention is what will make this gift of time with you even more meaningful.

A day out with your kids gives you so many options! For winter gift-giving, pick up a new pair of cozy gloves for each of them and inside, tuck a packet of hot chocolate, handwarmers and a sweet note that says it’s good for a snow-day with you. Make it fun and have a mini snowman-making contest. Use mini carrots for noses, m&ms for the eyes and pretzel sticks for the arms! Don’t forget to take photos! You can’t NOT have fun with this kind of gift! In warmer weather, choose something you know they have fun doing like making a big production out of a lemonade stand! To present the gift - wrap up a posterboard, markers, can of lemonade mix and a sleeve of quarters and tell them you’re ready to be their assistant! Another inexpensive but joy-filled day would be to have a picnic at their favorite park with some of their favorite friends. Wrap up some undecorated white lunch bags, markers, bottles of bubbles (yes, boys like bubbles, too so bring ‘em!) and sidewalk chalk. Once the gift is given, let your child choose the friends (mom, coordinate with the other moms) and have them decorate the lunch bag for each one. Pack a lunch or snack for each kid, throw in the bubbles and chalk and head out for a day in the sunshine. Looking for more of a one-on-one time with your kiddo? Take the picnic for just the two of you! Another sweet idea that is sure to be a recipe for fun - buy and wrap a children’s cookbook or print out some kid-friendly recipes and let them choose one to make with you!

  • WOOD PHOTO PANEL in a day!

Print your photos on colorful, glossy wood panels. These are great for displaying on walls or tabletops. Same day pick up is available and you can find these simple but beautiful blocks at Walgreens.


This gift is sooo sweet to give, like seriously sweet! LOL I’ve made this for my husband, my son, several friends and even a co-worker with a sweet tooth! Here are the basics: head to the store and pick up one white pasteboard, a pack of crayons or markers and packages of candy that you can use to make a fun saying about the person you’re gifting this to! i.e.. for my husband my kids picked out a MilkyWay, Reese’s Pieces, Extra gum, Sno-caps, a !00 Grand bar and 3 Musketeers (from his 3 kids). Lay the candy out and come up with a sentence or two to wish the person you’re making the candy collage for a special day! More sweet ideas like this can be found on Pinterest.

Just a little bit of thought, effort and time will make even the smallest gift more meaningful! Happy Gifting!