5 healthy & quick breakfast ideas for school mornings



One of the nicest things about sending the kids back to school is getting everyone into a routine again. The hardest part for many families, though, is trying to manage all the basics - like a solid breakfast! To make life easier, we have put together 5 easy grab-n-go breakfast ideas to send your kiddos back to school with full tummies, ready to focus!

As a mom of 3, I’m loving being able to heat up Umpqua Oats oatmeal for my teens before they drive themselves to school. They’re always in a hurry so I just pick a flavor (the banana walnut is a fave right now), add blueberries or a dash of shredded coconut on it and send them out the door.

Our 10 year-old tends to move about as fast as a snail on school mornings and rarely finishes his breakfast, so I always pack a This Bar Saves Lives and a Go-Go squeeze (apple!) for a mid-morning snack. I’m personally addicted to these bars, too so we always have them around. I really love that for each bar they sell, they donate one to a child in need. 

Your Umpqua oats can work double duty if you throw them in a batch of blueberry oatmeal muffins on Sunday and send the kids out the door with a muffin each morning! 

These Oatmeal energy bites are another fan-fave around here (For the grownups, too!). They take about 20 minutes and can stay in the fridge all week. (Can you tell we LOVE oatmeal around here?!)

Jordan Page, of Fun, Cheap or Free, (and last years Start Loving You Keynote speaker) swears by these freezer smoothie bags - she dubs the "make ahead breakfast-of-champions". 

How cool is it that Umpqua Oats happened to be started by a couple of Oregon moms with the same idea in mind - to get their kids a yummy, healthy and quick breakfast?! Thank you to Founders, Sheri Price and Mandy Holborow, for thinking outside of the box (cereal box, that is!).