Tips to freshen up your face for fall and get your glow on!

Introducing Sarah of Sarah Hamilton FACE


We have 5 of Sarah’s favorite healthy skin tips for you!

Yes! We know, you have heard it a million times, but here it is for the million and first (because it is THAT important!). Use sunscreen! 365 days a year! Non-negotiable! My favorite brand is Elta Md.  My whole family uses their products. Look for one with a minimum of 5% zinc or titanium oxide. 

Use a retinoid or retinol at night starting in your mid-twenties. It’s the best topical anti-aging product out there. Check out my Blog “For the Love of Retinoids” on why you should use them and what they do.

Wash your face every night - twice! Once to remove make-up, second to remove the last layer of dirt and oil. This gives your skin a clean slate so your products absorb better.

 Eat a diet high in Omega Fats (or a high-quality supplement - my favorite is NutriGold and Source Naturals) and low in sugar. Sugar breaks down your collagen. This anti-inflammatory diet will give your skin that healthy, beautiful glow!

Starting in our 30’s, we start to lose collagen so invest in collagen-stimulating treatments like microneedling, laser and Sculptra. They will help rebuild and boost your collagen which is the protein that gives us youthful, wrinkle-free, healthy skin.

And SMILE - there’s nothing prettier than a happy person!