Body positivity for our kids...

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Earlier this year, Reporter Kristen Hewitt went viral for her stance on short-shorts for her daughter (read here). As any mom knows, teaching positive body image can be tricky with today's media constantly bombarding us. Today we want to share 5 ways you can send the right message to your child about their own body image:

  1. Talk about who they are instead of how they look.

  2. Encourage a healthy lifestyle (eating and exercise) but don’t obsess over it.

  3. Lead by example.

  4. In sports and school, foster self-worth by letting your child know you value them because of who they, not how they perform.

  5. Teach them to embrace their imperfections.

A child measures his or her own value by how others perceive them.

The one thing children can excel in is being themselves.