#momcrushing on Jordan Page, Fun Cheap or Free Queen


So let's be honest here; MOTHERHOOD is hard! And then we come across these women online who always seem to have it together and look like a gorgeous mermaid to boot! Ha yes, that's Jordan Page and her besties in that photo right there and she'll be the first to tell you that "nope, I don't have it all together all the time but what I do have, I OWN!" She owns her imperfections (varicose veins!), her huge amount of kids (5 and one on the way!), her marriage that she and her husband work hard to keep on FIRE, her faith, her business (funcheaporfree.com) and yes, all the other things that mamas worry about. What I  love about her is that with all of that, she keeps it real, whether she's sharing a struggle, a budgeting success story or a great idea with us. You own it, girl!

Hear Jordan in her own words HERE as she shares her story of how she decided to just own who she is, Cheetos and all! Filmed at our San Diego Start Loving You #momference 2018! 

XO Kelsy